Cheetah Run Recap

Last Sunday,  I ran the Cheetah Run 5k at the Cincinnati Zoo. I have a soft spot for this race, since it was the first 5k I ever ran. Plus, it usually happens around my birthday, so I like to do it every year.

My husband Brent and I were registered, and once we got there, we ran into some other runners from our TSRC training group. I was especially lucky since my coach, Erin, and her sister Shannah were there. The race ended up being delayed a half hour because a woman had a nosebleed that started hemorrhaging and they had to clear the path to take her out in an ambulance! The late start seemed to throw everyone off, and by the time it started it was getting hot.

For a 5k, this is a tough one. You don’t realize how hilly the Zoo is until you run through it. The course starts in the Parking lot by the Safari area and goes through the Zoo, out onto the neighborhood streets, and then back through the Zoo to the starting point. There is one particular street (I should know the name but I don’t) that is super hilly. When you turn the corner, you hear people start cursing! It cracks me up every time.

After the race, we walked around the Zoo. We didn’t stay long but we saw the big cats, gorillas, and my favorite,  snakes and turtles (my spirit animal!) All in all, it was a great race, and I hope to do it again next year.


Actual footage of me in action at the Cheetah Run.
This danger noodle struck a perfect pose for me!

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I am a runner, librarian, and mom to three furkids. I like reading, writing, going to comic and horror cons, and eating too much at Mexican restaurants.

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