Great Pumpkin Run aka Great Pumpkin Mud Run

I’ve been taking a break from running from the last few weeks after the Queen Bee so I was looking forward to the Great Pumpkin Run.  I was running with Lisa, from my running group, and her team, the Duncan Pumpkins, and my husband Brent. I’ve run this race before, and had a great time.

Last year I wore shorts to the race. This year, it was snowing!! We got there early, and were so cold, we sat in the car for almost an hour until our wave started. You can do the regular 5k, or the “Tough Pumpkin” where you carry a pumpkin. I decided not to carry the pumpkin, and I’m glad I opted out. In the past, they’ve had all sizes of pumpkins, but this year, they were pretty big. I was even more glad I’d decided against it, when I got on the course! Lisa and I met at the start, and set off. We started out running, but just a few strides in, we could barely keep from falling. It was so muddy and slippery. At that point, we decided to play it safe and take it at a brisk walk. We had a good time, but it was tough, even at a walk.  I was really glad I wore my trail shoes.

This morning I attended a yoga class at Tri-State Running.  I’ve been lazy since getting back from Gatlinburg in general, but my yoga practice has really suffered. Nikki Taylor, from Evolation Yoga 43 taught the class and it was great. It was just the stretches I needed. Cold Feet, the next running group session I’m signed up for, starts in a few weeks. Till then, I’m revowing to work on my strength training and get back to a regular yoga practice.









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I am a runner, librarian, and mom to three furkids. I like reading, writing, going to comic and horror cons, and eating too much at Mexican restaurants.

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