Race Crazy!

Fall training is almost half over and I’ve finally found time to write!

After the Pig, I was really burnt out. I’m glad I did it, and overall it was a good experience, but by the end of the training, it just felt like a chore, and not something I actually looked forward to.  Once Fall Training started, I decided to sign up for a few fun runs to try to get myself motivated again. Of course, like I tend to do with everything, I went a little overboard. Yesterday, I finally sat down with a list and mapped out all my upcoming races. Here’s what I’ve gotten myself into!

August 26-Cheetah Run-This was the first 5k I ever ran, back when that seemed like an impossible distance. It usually happens around my birthday, so I like to run it every year.

September 3-Aruna Run 5-miler-I heard about this run from my friend Rae, and it seemed like such a great cause. Plus, running a 5 mile race is a nice change of pace.

September-7 & 8-Black Bear Double-(Smoky Mtn 5k and ½ marathon)-when I was growing up, my family did not have a lot of money, so we rarely went on vacations. But when we did, it was always to Gatlinburg. My parents went there on their Honeymoon in the 70s and it’s always been a favorite of my family. This race will be a tough one, since I’ll be running basically by myself, but I’m looking forward to it. The Donut Friar is waiting for me!

September 22-Hudy 14k-I haven’t done this race for a couple of years but I won’t make the mistake I made last time. 2 beers and a coney does not a breakfast make!

Seprember 29 -Moonbow 10K-This one was a last-minute decision. Brent is signed up for the 50k. I decided to tag along but by that time the 10k was full and there was a waiting list. To my surprise, I ended up getting a spot. I’m definitely going to need to hit the trails for a training run or two before this one!

October 6 -CliftonFest 5k-My work friend Elizabeth is on the planning committee for CliftonFest. I love Festivals (I think that comes from growing up Catholic) so I thought this one would be fun. Plus, with it starting a 9 on a Saturday, I’ll actually get to sleep in a little!

October 13-Queen Bee 4-miler and Running Scared 5k-Two races in one day! I thought about doing the Queen Bee ½ but decided to play it safe and just do the 4-miler and then stay to cheer on my buddies doing the half. My other race that day, Running Scared is one of my faves! Halloween is my favorite Holiday and this race is so much fun! It’s in Reading, and there is a big post-race party in the Community Rec Center with an amazing spread. They have pizza, quesadillas, chicken fingers, homemade chili and more! There’s a band and tons of people from the community come out for the party. If you are a Parks and Rec fan, it totally reminds me of something they’d have in Pawnee.

October 20-Urban Bourbon Half-I wasn’t planning on doing another ½ after the Smoky Mountain Run, but I let my friend Rae talk me into this one. (She didn’t have to try very hard!)

October 27-Great Pumpkin Run-Another Halloween Race! Hopefully it won’t be as muddy as last year!


Author: lauradixoncaldwell

I am a runner, librarian, and mom to three furkids. I like reading, writing, going to comic and horror cons, and eating too much at Mexican restaurants.

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