Not my knees!

Today was a rough one.

I run with the the Tri-State Running Company Training Groups.  The group meets Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings for the long runs. Today we had an 11 miler. No big deal, I’ve run longer distances. The universe had other plans for me.

For starters, it’s hot here. The high today is 90, with 53% humidity. We start at 7, which should have helped, but it was so muggy that I was sweating like a pig immediately. The route was pretty hilly, and then right around the 2 or so mile mark, disaster struck. I tripped on a piece of pipe sticking out of the ground and next thing I knew, I was falling ass over teakettle. All I could think was “Not my knees! Don’t land on knees.” I rolled to the side and protected my knees, but skinned by hands, and shoulder. My running buddies made sure I was ok, so we kept going.  At about the seven mile mark my left hip where I had landed started to throb. Then we looked at our route and realized the turn was way farther down the street than we thought.  We made it another mile and then I looked down at my fitbit and realized it got completely scratched up when I fell. (I know-total First World Problem.)


(It still works though, and since I’m the daughter of Cloyd “Jerry-Rig” Dixon Jr., I buffed it a little with a towel and it’s readable.)

But we had the promise of popsicles back at the store to keep us going. We made it. And now I have a cool new battle scar to show off!                                                                                   IMG_2966

The best was yet to come though. I decided to treat myself to a breakfast sandwich from Panera. (Apologies to all the other customers who had to smell my funk in the line.) Check it out. I have a new alias. Call me Loria, y’all


Author: lauradixoncaldwell

I am a runner, librarian, and mom to three furkids. I like reading, writing, going to comic and horror cons, and eating too much at Mexican restaurants.

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